Benefits Of A Chemical Peel

A Chemical Peel is not as scary as it sounds. A Peel is designed to chemically exfoliate
the skin rather than physically with a scrub. A Peel is also the perfect solution to dry skin due to
winter weather. It can be added to any facial or as a stand alone service. It’s a transformative
treatment that helps minimize wrinkles, even out skin tone, and prepare the skin to receive
vitamins and serums. A Peel also helps cell turnover rate, which means that pesky pimple or freckle you have will go away much quicker.

Your appointment starts with a client consultation form to inform us of any health
conditions that might inhibit us from performing the service. Then you will be invited into our
newly renovated Skin Care Room with glowing lights and lovely soothing music. Our Skin Care
Specialist Julie will cleanse and tone the skin and apply a moisturizing barrier to the more
sensitive parts of your face, like the lips, and corners of the nose. The Peel is then performed
with a Prep solution first, the Peel itself, and then a Neutralizer if needed. Peels may be
customized to better fit your skin type and can be layered depending on the peel. Julie will then
apply a mask, massage, and apply customized serums that will enhance your treatment and fully benefit your skin.

Richard Kroll Total Image’s full line of Peels include:
Clear Skin Peel $65: Those suffering from excessive oil and breakouts.
Anti-Aging Peel $65: Reduces wrinkles and uneven tone. Tightens!
Retinol Boost Peel $75: Extra exfoliating and plumping, also great for wrinkles.
Glycolic Peel $75: Treats dark spots and uneven tone, freckles and wrinkles.
Transformative Peel $75: Most noticeable difference in skin issues, amazing to clear skin

of any unwanted pimples, freckles, and wrinkles.

These Peels can be added to any facial for a discounted price. ($20-$30)

Call 610-266-1177 to book your Peel or go to!
The path to better skin is a phone call away.

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