Starting with a simple idea of the format that Richard Kroll has implemented in the beauty industry, we have been successful since 1965.

The idea of educating the client and providing and experience for each individual who visits the salon.
Evolving from an era of the set and style , Richard Kroll has been at the cutting edge of the newest technologies and delivering them to the Lehigh Valley for nearly 45 years.

Beginning with foil highlighting, painting , spiral rods for waving hair, crimper hair cutting , better recognized as precision cutting with scissors and razors with four edges to the tuck tools, to hair color accelorating machines called celomatics, today’s format of
Climazon by the Wella Corporation, there is very little he has not brought to the area .

Today we are involved in many aspects of Salon format delivering a wide range of services to the entire community.
Being well known for our expertise with long hair, we provide the very finest hair the world has to offer in our Bellargo hair extensions. Hand made in Germany they are the only virgin European hair systems being sold in America.
Hair replacement is also a very important area at Richard Kroll. WE have been helping
Thousands of clients from all over the United States with solutions to their many problems with hair loss, be it a natural loss, accidents or from various illnesses.
Being well advanced in hair restoration, Richard Kroll Total Image carries the absolute finest Chemotherapy replacements for men, women and also children.
Recently we have introduced Laser Hair Rejuvenation to the Lehigh Valley with a very successful campaign , educating hundreds of people on how cold laser therapy can help improve their hair.
When thinking of Hair and the influence it has in our daily lives, you can only realize that creating an experience and not just a visit to a salon is truly what is meant to all professionals in our industry, that you then can realize the true living art that exists for all of us to enjoy and benefit from, and the ultimate joy of being able to help an individual in need, Truly Hair is a living art.