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Hair Loss & Replacement in Allentown, PA

Richard Kroll Total Image Salon offers much more than a wide variety of premium salon services and products. We also specialize in treating hair loss with hair replacement and hair extension services that can transform your total image and put you back in control.


During each private consultation we discuss the right hair loss or thinning solution for your unique situation.


Offering natural human hair systems, hair integration, wigs, toppers, hair extensions and laser therapy treatment options.


Helping with follow-up consultations to provide you with ongoing professional support and advice.


Richard Kroll Total Image Salon specializes in hair loss treatments for men and women of all ages. We specifically serve customers located here in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding area and often work with customers from across the Northeast.

Your privacy matters! Consultations are by appointment only and are held in private rooms. All private rooms are equipped with a television for your comfort.

We offer a full range of solutions tailored to your needs and circumstances.  Some of the solutions we offer include 100% human and synthetic cranial prosthesis, full wigs (both medical and fashion), custom hair systems, exclusive European hair extensions, and servicing for all hair systems.

Furthermore, we treat all forms of hair loss such as chemotherapy and radiation, trichotillomania, lupus, gastric bypass surgery, hormonal changes, thyroid conditions, stress, burns, accidents and head trauma, natural and thinning.

*Consultations require a $25 refundable deposit

Hair Replacement Model

Allentown, PA Hair Replacement and Integration

Hair replacement is an ideal solution for many men and women experiencing diffuse (full-head) thinning. These comfortable alternative hair systems are virtually undetectable, have minimal restrictions and provide a completely natural look and feel.

chemotherapy wig model

Chemotherapy Wigs

Our wigs are specially designed to address scalp sensitivity that often accompanies chemotherapy. Chemotherapy wigs for both men and women are available within 72 hours after your appointment.
laser hair treatment model

Laser Treatment for Hair Loss

Laser hair rejuvenation is a modern non-surgical, and FDA approved approach to treating hair loss, thinning, baldness and scalp problems. Laser hair rejuvenation is a clinically proven method involving low level laser energy (“soft” laser light) to effectively treat and control problem hair loss.

iGrow Laser Hair Therapy

We also offer hands free at-home laser treatment for hair loss that produces thicker, fuller, and healthier hair. iGrow is a device you purchase and can use forever. This option is affordable, effective, and very easy to use.

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Did You Know?

Why Your Hair System Is Tangling and How to Fix It

  • Lack of Regular Maintenance
    It’s important that you thoroughly wash your hair system at least once a week if not twice a week. Cleansing the hair helps remove natural oils, hair products, and odor-causing bacteria.
  • Incorrectly Brushing or Combing the Hair
    If there are a few tangles, you can create even more tangles by using the wrong brush to remove the knots. Only use the recommended brush or comb from your professional to avoid hair breakage and properly remove tangles.
  • Water Hardness level
    “Hard” water, especially well water, can cause tangly, dry, dull, and faded hair. One way to solve this is to invest in a hard water filter for your shower or bath.
  • Not Closing the Hair Cuticle
    After you shampoo and condition your hair system the cuticle of the hair is open—which makes the hair strands feel “rough” and not smooth. By using your professional-recommended gel or leave-In product you can ensure the cuticle is properly closed. As a result, you will enjoy smooth, shiny, and protected hair. This is a vital hair care step that can make a big impact on your hair system’s longevity.