Any Length, Any Color, European Hair Extensions

The Lehigh Valley’s Best European Hair Extensions, Sold Exclusively At Our Allentown PA Salon

Richard Kroll Total Image Salon offers the United States first patented hair lengthening and thickening method in which strands of human hair are attached to your hair without the use of adhesives, clamping, stitching, melting, chemicals, waxes, or rubbers.

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Bellargo Hair Extensions are virtually undetectable and are under a 6 month warranty. These are the only hair extensions in the world that can be chemically treated (perms, color, highlights) while promoting healthy hair growth.This is the fastest application in hair extensions and the easiest.

Richard Kroll Total Image is the longest running beauty salon in the Lehigh Valley, in business for over 50 years. That experience has allowed us to find and import the highest quality hair products from around the world. Bellargo USA European Hair Extension are the best of the best when it comes to lengthening your hair without new growth damage – other hair extension methods often break your hair when attached or removed.

Hair Extensions FAQ

Can anyone wear Bellargo Hair Extensions?

Yes, most men and women can wear Bellargo Hair Extensions because they do not cause any damage guaranteed. They are great for people with Alopecia, post-chemotherapy patients trying to get their hair longer and fuller again, people with very fine thin-looking hair, or someone who wants to have longer, fuller more beautiful hair!

What type of restrictions come with wearing Bellargo Hair Extensions?

There really are not many restrictions if any with the Bellargo Hair Extensions. Basically, you have the freedom to do what you want while wearing them. You can swim in the ocean, chlorine, hot tubs, and saunas. You can color, perm, and highlight them to suit your look. We do recommend at night that you loosely pull them up with a hair scrunchy to avoid tangling, but it is not completely necessary. We do also recommend an oil-free shampoo and conditioner.

How often do I have to come into the salon to have them maintained?

We recommend that you set up an appointment every 3 months to have them removed and placed back in higher at the scalp, the extensions are not attached to your scalp so as your hair naturally grows these extensions grow down with the new hair growth. The maintenance appointments are important to extend the life of the strands as well.

How do I set up an appointment to discuss Hair Extensions?

You can call the salon directly at 610-266-1177 and schedule a complimentary consultation on Bellargo Hair Extensions. There is no fee for this time blocked but we do require a $25.00 refundable deposit to hold the appointment. These appointments do take place in a private room where you can discuss all your needs and concerns. At the end of the consultation, you will have a better idea of a price as well as when you will be able to get the extensions. Bellargo Hair Extensions come directly from Germany and in most cases we custom order for the clients. It might take a week or longer if going through customs.

Please schedule your complimentary consultation today by calling 610-266-1177 and be on your way to full, beautiful, and healthy hair.

For more information about our complete line of hair extensions schedule a consultation by calling 610-266-1177 to visit our hair extension servicing salon located in the heart of the Lehigh Valley in Allentown PA.