Be conscious of your hair products!

2015 is awareness year. Read labels. Knowledge is power. What exactly is in the food you are ingesting? etc etc.

Haircare is just as important as everything else but seems to be at the bottom of the totem pole. Take the guesswork out of it and stick with a product line that is safe and guarantees gorgeous hair each and every day with a nice price point!



Richard Kroll Total Image Salon is carrying All Nutrient Haircare.  The ingredient  standard is simple:

*100% Vegan  *Cruelty-Free *Synthetic-Free *Sulfate-Free *Gluten-Free *Paraben-Free *Formaldehyde-Free *Formaldehyde Donor-Free *No MEA & DEA *No Triclosans *No Propylene Glycol * No Carcinogens *No Phthalates *No Toxic Materials *No Heavy Metals *No Pesticides *No Fungicides *No Herbicides

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