Everyday Hair Care

If you have hair, you must take care of it. Regardless of its condition.

Short, long, straight, permed, natural waves. They all require daily attention.

Start off with purchasing a good quality shampoo. Read what you are buying. Stay away from anything that has a wax in it such as a Pantene or a V05 Product. They feel great first few washes but overtime the hair will build up a wax coating which creates a dull finish to the hair. Not only is the appearance flat but if you color your hair every 6-8 weeks the color can not truly permeate the hair strands because the coating is on the hair follicle. Most salons carry shampoos without a wax in the ingredient.

Secondly, use a daily conditioner. If you feel conditioners weigh your hair down or make it feel oily then you are buying the wrong product. Look for a lightweight daily conditioner. Depending on the length of your hair use a small amount. Only apply from nape of the neck down. No need to apply to the top of the head. Rinse very thoroughly.

Next step is vital, never wrap hair in a bath towel. It sucks all the added moisture right out. Squeeze dry with towel and comb through immediately.

Men and women both need a style agent such as a mousse or a gel to seal the hair follicle. If not you will see fly aways, no control and overall it will prevent damage to the strands. Apply PRODUCT AND COMB IT THROUGH. Without combing through there is no even distribution of the gel.

Dry as usual. Air drying is fine as long as the styling aid is in the hair. If the hair gel hardens with air drying all you need to do is brush when dry or run a wide toothed comb through to soften the gel.

Think of your hair as you do your skin. You apply lotion and sunblocks to protect. Same concept with your hair.