Hair Loss and Thinning

Fuller thicker hair in 30 days

It tends to be a concern now more than ever for both men and women — the natural effect of, “AM I LOOSING MY HAIR?”

Don’t panic: There are many reasons for a little thinning. Keeping in mind that with todays new products that are available we are able to reduce the loss dramatically in most cases. Some of the results are truly amazing.

Starting with a consultation
We are able to determine the proper approach to helping you control your specific problem. Sometimes it is just a little education on how to maintain your hair, using a specific product or engaging in a series of treatments to jump start your root area to help produce a healthier head of hair and retain the hair you have. We have an array of formulas to help each person enhance and control each problem.

Take the stance, “I’M NOT GOING TO LOOSE MY HAIR!”.

Call us today to discuss your concerns and find the formula that is right for you.

Richard Kroll