Hair Options For Thinning And Loss

Let me start by saying how great the Hair Industry is! They are continually coming out with new and updated ways to make clients battle with their hair loss and thinning much easier.  At Richard Kroll Total Image we excel and strive at being the most knowledgeable at solving these types of issues. Continually training and taking hair loss seminars is what it takes to be the best.  We work with children all the way through to elderly clients. Every situation is unique and requires special attention.

During your consultation we discuss everything from medicine you might be taking to the stresses in your life and we find a solution. Not only do we get to the root of the problem we give you several options to combat what is occurring.

Currently there are several options available to our clientele for hair loss and thinning. We carry a product called a Topper. It is just that. It is a small piece of hair that you can put on and remove daily with attached clips. They come either human hair for a more custom look and to match your hair color perfectly or as a synthetic topper which comes in an array of colors for everyone. Hair Integrations is an option for men and women who are encountering full head thinning. It is a very comfortable alternative hair system that will add length and volume to your own hair with a completely natural look and feel. The Hair Integration is not a Toupee but a mesh like system where we integrate your human hair into the hair system.

Another avenue is the Hair For Life program which many opt to do so they need not worry about maintenance or cleaning their own hair system. This is human hair that is attached to a mesh liner that is attached with mild adhesives. This is known to some as a Toupee, we refer to them as Hair Systems, however it looks 100% natural. You can not see the line of difference between your hair and the hair system. They can be colored and permed. You can swim and be active while wearing . The HFL Program allows the client to come in every 4 weeks for a full removal and cleaning of the system and a reattachment. You can view them at

Laser Hair Rejuvenation Therapy is becoming a wild success across the country. It is an FDA Approved non-surgical scientific approach to treating and slowing down hair loss, thinning, baldness and other problems associated with the scalp.  Laser Hair Rejuvenation is a medically tested, effective and proven method using Low Level Laser Energy or “soft” laser light to effectively treat and control problem hair loss. Recommended for all hair types for both men and women of any age.  Noticeable improvement  is seen in the first four to six months of treatment.

Last but not least we carry an extensive line of Chemotherapy wigs specially designed to address the sensitivity of the scalp that may be experienced during treatment. Chemotherapy wigs are for both men, women and children. Usually available within 72 hours.

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