Hair Replacement vs. Hair Surgery

Not sure which type of hair replacement to choose? Which one is a more natural looking and a less uncomfortable procedure? There are many factors to consider when making your decision.
When you decided that you are ready to make the step to have hair replacement be it permanent or temporary solutions, you need to realize that each one is vastly different.

Both hair replacement and hair surgery will enhance your appearance and your self-confidence but with hair replacement there are NOT a lot of requirements to become a candidate.

Unlike hair surgery there are certain criteria one must meet. A candidate must have healthy hair growth in the back and the sides of their head b/c this is the area where hair and flaps will be taken and used to perform the surgery. Other factors that are determined to see if you are a good hair surgery candidate is your hair color, texture and overall waviness and straightness of the hair. These criteria will determine the cosmetic outcome of your surgery.

Hair Replacement on the other hand has more minimal criteria a candidate must meet. Hair replacement on the other hand has minimal criteria to be a viable candidate.

First there is only a few necessary steps need be taken to determine which direction you need to choose in so far as the color and density of the system required to fit your needs. Depending on what type of system, you can add as little or as much new hair as you wish to be able to restore the look and appearance you desire.

With all the new advancements in base designs and tying of the hair, there is virtually nothing that can’t be achieved in style, color, wave and balance of your new hair for both men and women. Furthermore, most clients can have their new look in as little as a week or less. Should you need a custom hair system the wait time is usually four to six weeks. Roughly speaking, ninety percent of all clients don’t need to go the custom route. We are able to order hair in various lengths and colors to be able to fill the requests for most everyone.

To take your first step to a new you and to restore the look and confidence you always had, simply call us to schedule your free private consultation and discover how easy it really is. We know you’re going to like what you see.

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