Happy New Year!

Our staff wishes everyone a happy, healthy 2011.

This is going to be an exciting year in the salon, and we look forward to expanding our hair, skin, and nail service offerings. We welcome everyone to take another look at our numerous treatments, and to watch for some exciting new services to be added into our menu through out the year.

Did you know we also offer a safe and secure shopping section on our website? There you will find an expanded selection of products currently not available within our salon. For your convenience, Gift cards are also available online.

two good looking men photo

Gentlemen, do you need to update your look?

If you have been looking in the mirror lately and wondering what you can do to enhance the way you look, consider hair color. We offer mens coloring, which is designed to blend and camouflage away the grey. The semi- permanent color gradually rinses out of your hair, so you are not left seeing any re-growth near your root area. Call today to book an appointment. Your stylist will discuss the colors available, and suggest a shade right for you!


  1. Side effects from undiagnosed health conditions
  2. Thyroid Problems
  3. Pregnancy
  4. Medications
  5. Alopecia
  6. Physical Trauma: A Shock to Hair Follicles
  7. Emotional Stress
  8. Diet Deficiencies
  9. Infections
  10. Auto-Immune Diseases

Our Hair Replacement Department is here to help you with any hair loss questions, offer advice, treatments, and solutions. We offer specialized Laser Hair Rejuvenation, Chemotherapy Wigs, and Hair Replacement. Private Rooms available for both consultations and service.

We now carry Nioxin. Ask your stylist if you could benefit from Nioxin Today!

NEW on the service menu is Sebastian Professional’s Texture Tandem, a semi-permanent in-salon treatment that provides lift, instant thickening and extra movement in long, layered hair.

Your stylist will mix two products, Micro-Texture Thickener and Moisture-Lock Silkener, together in a customized formula that creates the right amount of texture just for you, then brush it on in sections, as if you were receiving a coloring. After the application, you relax under the dryer until the treatment hardens into a clay-like masque that coats and swells each strand, for texture that lasts between 7 to 10 shampoos. Specially priced $10 thru end of February, Reg. $20.00

Employee Spotlight: Carolyn
We are very proud to introduce our newest member of the salon, Carolyn. She brings a level of experience to our skin care department that will be seen during your very first appointment. Her meticulous approach to waxing, skin care treatments, and product knowledge will ensure that your skin care needs are not only met, but exceeded. Carolyn has worked within the skin care industry on a few different levels. Her experience includes work as a Senior National Educator for numerous skincare lines, with attention to medical skin treatments. She has also worked in the medi-spa field, trained other skin care professional across the country in prestigious salons and spas, and also taught students in New Jersey as a State Board Esthetics Educator.

Our Gift to You – Schedule any facial and receive a complimentary facial waxing of your choice!

New Service, available now! Lash and Brow Tinting

Perfect for lightly colored lashes. Get the look of dark lashes in minutes! Enhance your brows, deepen the color, match to your own hair!

Save $5 off your first tint service.
Offer valid thru end of February. $30 Lash Tint/$15 Brow Tint. Discount offered when you buy both services!

before & after eyelash tinting

Watch for some exciting additions to the skin care department in the upcoming year. We are researching new in-demand treatments to address anti-aging and beauty enhancements.