Rockstar Hair Without The 80s Wig!

Everywhere we look we see all the celeb men rockin killer hair from long to short to shaggy. But how do you get the same look without shaving your head and buying a wig? It all boils down to your products.

How do I get that rockstar look?
Easy — You need to apply a pomade or styling cream. They’ll give you a polished look WITHOUT the frizz and that bushy, “I just got back from a Whitesnake concert”, appearance — Not the rockstar look we’re trying to achieve here.

Soft Hold

One of the top selling products to achieve this look is by AG called Details. It’s a cream designed specifically for a soft hold, retains moisture, and produces a slight shine with great definition to naturally curly or permed hair that is dry or coarse.

Intense Hold

A more intense hold product for guys, also by AG, is called Welding Paste. It’s an extreme hold styling paste that’s great for texturizing, molding and spiking all hair lengths. When you really want to rock a style that sticks, you need to weld it. Welding Paste is alcohol-free, and comes in a high humidity resistant formula.

If you’re ready to rock a celeb style haircut, then these two products are for you. A pomade or styling cream will keep your style in check and you can use them on short, long, curly or straight hair, there are no limits. Grab a picture of the look you are going for, purchase a good pomade or hair cream, then go wild you rockstar!