What Causes Hair Loss in Women?

Women have always been conscious of their beauty, but their consciousness has vastly increased in the last decade. Their problems are very different in today’s times.  Aging skin and a considerable amount of hair loss are just two of the issues women are facing today.

What causes hair loss in women?

Genetically, women are different than men. The chemicals controlling the growth in women, her emotions or her external physique too are very different to those compared to men.  Different hormones control body function.   One such hormone is dihydrotestosterone which is related to growth of hair.  Typically the quantity of this hormone in men is greater than in women.  But when this hormone is present in excess, hair loss increases!

The term women balding has become a common term today.  The area of major hair loss is different than men.  A lot of women have a tendency to keep long hair which in turn can help mask the sparse hair areas on their head.  Hair loss in men is much more common then in women. It seems that men accept this more easily than women because it is more common.  This is not so in women, which causes frustration in them.

The hormone dihydrotestosterone, according to scientists, is a major cause of women hair loss. The human body is so complex that there are thousands of chemicals, enzymes, and hormones controlling its metabolism.  Those are interwoven; one thing affects several others directly or indirectly., resulting in very complex structure to study cause and effect of any action. Due to this, there can be a host of other chemicals in women that cause hair loss in them.

Normal hair has a maximum life of six years, after this it stays for some time and then falls down. New hair grows from the same location. It again stays for six years and the cycle continues. In today’s life we take so much synthetic medication and even our food items contain harmful chemicals.  Any of these may affect enzymes controlling life cycle of hair.  Therefore, you can imagine how tedious it is for someone to figure out what medication is affecting what.

There can also be external causes for hair loss in women as well such as the environment and stress.

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