Why Spend Hundreds On Skincare?

Spend LESS with Hylunia

Richard Kroll Total Image has made a very big change within the salon with their skincare line. The salon is now carrying Hylunia Skincare. Richard Kroll Total Image is a full service salon that wants you to feel beautiful and healthy when you leave. This skincare line has been helping many of their customers do just that. Hylunia’s mission statement is “to benefit humanity by providing holistic, safe, effective, clinical and non-toxic skin care products.” Hylunia also believes in freedom of choice as well as truth and honesty. That statement along with the proven results the staff and customers have been seeing is why the salon has decided to exclusively carry Hylunia Skincare and to incorporate all their products in their full line of facials.

Currently many higher priced skin care lines retail their moisturizers at $130 for one ounce. Within our skin care industry, there continues to be a debate whether a higher priced skin care line will give the best overall results. The debate continues to be whether skin care lines are nothing more than “a thrifty concoction of water, thickening agents and perfume.” So why pay so much without proven results?

As consumers have become educated of ingredients, Richard Kroll Total Image & Hylunia feel it is important to offer a healthy skin care line that guarantees results at an affordable cost. Hylunia products are free of parabens, dyes, fragrances, and human and animal derived ingredients.

When comparing all moisturizers, Hylunia stands above them because the formulation penetrates as well as it contains high end ingredients that give results at a fraction of the cost. We use many vitamins, peptides, and antioxidants to help rejuvenate the skin. As an example, Hylunia’s Facial Day Lotion is suggested to sell around $75.00 for two ounces. If you were to buy just seven of its name brand product ingredients separately, you would spend around $800. The seven products include: Hyaluronic Acid ($150), Retinol ($40), Sun Screen ($50), Pycnogenol/Grape Seed Extract ($50), Alteromonas ferment extract – seaweed extract in expensive moisturizers ($250), Peptides ($200), and Organic Green Tea, Chrysanthemum, Turmeric, Calendula ($200).

We at Hylunia believe it is important to be educated in the products that we choose to put on our skin. Hylunia believes that everyone can look beautiful and have great skin without needlessly over spending on unhealthly skin care products.