Bridal Trial Makeup and Hair

You are planning one of the most important celebrations of your life. Consider having a trial run with hair and makeup so you know what to expect the day of your Wedding. Jen did the Updo and Chenelle did her Special Occasion Makeup.

Product Of the Week

August 7, 2013 The Wet Brush • Super soft IntelliFlex™ bristles. • Detangle hair with ease. • Works great on wet or dry hair. • Perfect for men, women & kids. • For thick, curly or straight hair. • Great for hair extensions & wigs.    

Everyday Hair Care

If you have hair, you must take care of it. Regardless of its condition. Short, long, straight, permed, natural waves. They all require daily attention. Start off with purchasing a good quality shampoo. Read what you are buying. Stay away from anything that has a wax in it such as a Pantene or a V05 … Continued

Hair Promotion for April!

Book a Hilite or Color and receive a Keratin Color Seal Treatment for only $20.00! This service will seal in color, deposits keratin, reduces texture and frizz, intensifies shine and adds a humidity barrier.   Lasts 30-45 days! This add on service takes approximately 10 minutes so ask your stylist for one today!

We have amazing new Bellargo Hair Extension before/after photos to share…

Our Bellargo Hair Extensions were used to take Michelle’s short hair to a sexy, gorgeous, long style.    Her extensions were hilighted to match her own hair to create a perfect color match.  The extensions were applied in approximately 2 hours!  Call today for your free consultation – 610-266-1177 or contact us online.       

Hair Replacement vs. Hair Surgery

Not sure which type of hair replacement to choose? Which one is a more natural looking and a less uncomfortable procedure? There are many factors to consider when making your decision. When you decided that you are ready to make the step to have hair replacement be it permanent or temporary solutions, you need to … Continued

Rockstar Hair Without The 80s Wig!

Everywhere we look we see all the celeb men rockin killer hair from long to short to shaggy. But how do you get the same look without shaving your head and buying a wig? It all boils down to your products.

Keratin Treatment is Amazing!

Our Keratin Treatment is incredible!  Your hair dries in a few minutes, its straight, full of body, and so shiny!  We recommend this service to anyone out there who wants to cut down on dry-time, have it more manageable, lessen frizz and of course looking gorgeous!  The bonus is that is so good for your … Continued